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The recital we attended last weekend was fantastic as usual! It's great you have kept this going for such long time. We all had very positive experience.
Especially there is one performer, her name is Jenny Chen, her music was so touching,  it moved me to tears right away. I haven't had such experience for a long long time.

Very beautiful performance. I enjoyed it a lot.

Jia, mom of Jenner and Jenny

Our Son Jonathan started group music lessons at Kwan Music Studio when he was 5 ½. That gave him a good music foundation and experience with other children to start private lessons. His first musical instrument was the piano, and he enjoyed that very much. He entered his first music competition at 7 and came in 2nd place. He experienced the breath, depth and joy of playing music, thus allowing him to widen his musical vision.  At 9 ½, Jonathan started learning guitar as well as he broadened his musical interests. We believe that the enriching and nurturing environment at Kwan Music Studio has helped Jonathan to discover and enjoy playing music.

Irene, Jonathan's mom

(*Jonathan is one of the US Open Music Competition winners in Kwan Music studio)

My two sons, Shekar and Neil, and I are all taking music lessons at Kwan Music. My teacher, Michael Lin, is an enthusiastic, supportive and talented guitar teacher. Shekar, my older son, has taken group piano classes and is now taking private piano lessons. He loves his classes! My younger son is just starting the piano group class and is having a great time as well. I heartily recommend the studio to your children!

Mr. Ramaswamy, Shekar and Neil's father

The Age 5-8 piano class is truly fun and rewarding. The teacher not only inspires and motivates our son Carsten to love to learn piano with humor, she also teaches parents how to help children to learn at home and what to anticipate. We are very delighted to see Carsten enjoying playing piano and making such a huge progress in a very short time.

Mr. & Mrs. Streichardt, Carsten's parents

Both of our kids have enjoyed music lessons from Diane Kwan Music Studio ever since they were 2 ½ years old (now they are almost five and seven).  The patience and the ability of the teachers to bring out the motivation of the little kids in music learning are especially impressive.  Not only are the teachers successful in instilling a love for music in our children, but also along with the music come rhythm and discipline.  I would strongly encourage parents to enroll their little ones in Kwan Music.  It is amazing to hear the little ones singing almost in tune!

June Y, Christopher's and Michaela's mom

Fantastic program! Brandon 's been with Kwan Music program for several years now, and I am still amazed every time he sits down at the piano. No matter what kind of days he's had, he's always at peace when he sits down to practice piano. The first few measures may be rough, but you can see his enjoyment and passion as his playing starts to flow. I especially like the way his teacher emphasizes on building a strong, solid musical foundation, starting with site-reading skills and ear-training. I'm very glad that we've discovered Brandon 's musical talent and we're working hard to keep him focused on this path. Brandon 's teacher has been excellent at moving him at a good pace to keep him challenged and disciplined while maintaining his positive attitude toward piano. My younger son, Nathan, also joined Kwan Music and he's eager to...practice piano everyday for his "show time piece"! We've had quite a few friends inquiring about Brandon 's piano program and we've (highly) recommended Kwan Music to many of our friends.

Mr. Tran, Brandon 's father

(* Brandon is one of the US Open Music Competition winners in Kwan Music studio)

After attending the 3-4 years old Music class at Kwan's Music Studio, Elise, our daughter, really enjoyed. She is taking her second piano class.  She is very happy to be able to take her piano class with me - her mother.  We are both learning piano together that we really enjoy.  She loves her teacher very much for she is very kind, gentle, patient and knows how to motivate the children.  Elise has made so much progress and is very proud to show her dad how she can play piano.  Thanks to her teacher who knows how to make the class fun in a family environment.


Mrs. Triantafyllou, Elise's mom

Jesse and I truly enjoyed the piano group class. Not only Jesse has learned a lot but also he has been getting more and more interested in piano. The teaching was dynamic and interactive, which effectively attracted students’ attention and parents’ (at least mine). On behalf of Jesse I would like to thank KwanMusic for getting him started, liked and wanted to learn more.

I would also like to thank KwanMusic for arranging the private class for Jesse. We like the teacher and would like to learn more from her.

Wei & Carl - Jesse’s parents


You are very welcome and thank you so much for your patience, encouragement, and thoughtfulness for Michelle's piano study. She wouldn't have made so much progress in the last year without your teaching and guidance.

One of the main goals that we want Michelle to study piano is for her to develop the appreciation and love for the beauty of music. I think that will benefit her for a life time. You have been putting a lot of emphasis on this in your teaching. That is great for her and I really appreciate that.

Michelle is a bright kid. A lot of the things that she can do are unimaginable when I was at her age. But she is very young and has all the personalities and limited experience of young kids. I am constantly searching for ways to motivate her and searching for the balance to make her successful and happy. I felt that she's lucky to have you as her teacher and with your teaching she has developed the interest and pride in playing piano. I'll do my best to work with you to help her in her study.

Thank you again!

Yu (Michelle’s father)


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